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Privacy Policy will not sell, distribute, or reveal readers’ email addresses or other personal information without their consent.
For reader-submitted material, we only will identify the reader (by first name only, by first name and city/state, or by full name, as is typical for industry professionals) following the reader’s consent. We also will link to a reader’s blog or website if they wish. If a reader does not wish to be identified, or does not respond to our e-mail request for consent, we will publish the tip without a name associated with it.

Placement of cookies and IP addresses. does not collect and use cookie or IP data. However, some of our advertisers collect data (e.g., IP address, referring HTTP location, current HTTP location, search string, time of access) once you click over via their ads. This data is used to provide users with more targeted advertisements. If you wish to opt out of such use and placement of cookies and IP addresses, refer to the following resources: Quantcast Advertising Delivery Opt-out and/or Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out Tool.

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