Get rid of your kitchen appliances

kitchen appsWhen in doubt, get rid of it. Many kitchen appliances take up a lot of room and are barely used. Take that panini maker you really wanted for the holidays. When was the last time you used it? That’s what I thought…… get rid of it. Since you were not using it anyway, you will not notice that it is gone. Plus, if you DO happen to need that long gone appliance in the future, you now have the opportunity to get the latest technology.

When I say get rid of it, I don’t mean throw it to the trash. Post the appliance on Ebay for some easy cash. Don’t want the hassle of boxing it up and shipping it, post an ad locally for free on Craigslist. Kitchen appliances typically sell quickly and easily while putting some spending money in your pocket. Don’t want to have to deal with random strangers? Donate the appliance to a local charity. Local charities are always thankful for used appliances and can help your community.

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