Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Says to Avoid After-Market Car Seat Products

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is recommending parents in Cincinnati to not purchase after-market car seat accessories.

Because their these products are not regulated, their is no mandatory or standardized testing procedures to ensure the product is safe. So those cute toys, such as the Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll could become a choking hazard. And just about any after-market product can be considered a hazard. This can lead a harmless window shade becoming a sharp projectile during an even minor car accident. Same goes for mirrors used to see your child in a rear facing car seat, such as the Britax Back Seat Mirror.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is also recommending not bundling your small children in large winter coats while strapped into the car. Instead, they recommend a thinner jacket be used in the car and a secondary thinker jacket be utilized if the child will be outside for a significant period of time.

Some great suggestions from @CincinnatiDad for winter jackets include:

Columbia Baby-Boys Infant Steens MT II Fleece Jacket

Columbia Baby-Girls Infant Benton Springs Fleece Jacket

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