About CincyDad


Andrew Stewart is the creator and bad influence on CincyDad, where he writes about life, household tips, family shenanigans, and being a father. Before becoming CincyDad, Andrew graduated with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University, where he also met Princess (the wife). Andrew soon became a law enforcement officer in Florida where he chased and arrested people like Ray Rice. After accidentally shooting himself in the foot (yes, you read that correctly), Andrew completed a second Bachelors degree in Computer Forensics from Champlain College. When Princess took a new job in Cincinnati, Andrew was forced to look for a new job. With no employment opportunities, Andrew is forced to stay at home and peck at a keyboard when he is not napping.

It is important to note that most names and other personal information have been changed to protect the guilty (me) and Princess, Big Boy, or Junior (the innocents). The events, however, are real and just as ridiculous as they sound.

Just another dad blog.